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1. Check how fast your current Broadband speed is

Download the “Speedtest” App onto your Mobile Phone to see what Broadband speed you have coming into your home.  Once you have downloaded the App run the test 3 times in an area of your home that is near to your Broadband router.   If your Download speed is less than 10Mbps then you have standard Broadband.  To get faster broadband you should upgrade to Fibre as this will increase your Download speed to 25-50Mbps.  

Click on the link below to check if your address can get Fibre broadband:


2. Changing your Broadband provider won’t necessarily speed up your WiFi or fix your coverage problems

BT, Sky, TalkTalk & Plusnet all use the same infrastructure to deliver Broadband into people’s homes so if your WiFi is slow with BT switching to Sky, TalkTalk or Plusnet won’t change anything.  Virgin use their own cabling and are able to deliver much faster internet speeds (up to 300 Mbps) but their coverage isn’t as strong particularly in more rural areas.  

Click on the link below to check if your address can get Virgin Media:

Virgin Media

3. If there are 10 or more connected devices in your home and/or you stream music, movies and TV then the basic router from your broadband provider won’t be able to cope

The basic router supplied by your broadband provider and/or old extenders/boosters are not able to keep up with the demands of dozens of connected devices streaming movies, music and TV around your house.  

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4. If your house has thick concrete walls, floors or ceilings these will kill your WiFi signal

Depending on the layout of your house a good solution is to run Cat5/6 cabling from your router to different points in your house to get WiFi Broadband through thick walls, floors and ceilings.  

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5. If your Broadband signal is poor or intermittent then this needs to be resolved before you do anything else

If you signal is poor or intermittent then OfCom suggest you complain to your Broadband provider but unless the line is completely dead you are unlikely to get a resolution.  

An alternative option is to do away with Home Broadband altogether and to go for a solution that uses a 4G/5G mobile phone signal.  However this option will require a strong 4G/5G signal indoors in your home.  Also ensure you choose a provider with an “Unlimited” option so that there aren’t any additional charges.  

Click on the link below to check which networks can provide this to your address:

Signal Checker

6. Need WiFi Broadband in your garage, annex or garden office?

There are a number of both wired and wireless options available to achieve the above – contact us to arrange an assessment so that we can recommend a solution for you:

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