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Historically home security systems have been an expensive thing to have and sometimes a pain to manage. But as smart home technology has progressed so have the smart home security systems. There are models to suit all budgets and many are simple to install. It is now much, much easier to keep your home, pets and belongings safe (not forgetting the saving on home insurance!) – and so much easier to manage on your smartphone or device.

Here, The Technology Doctors offers their advice on what to look for when choosing your smart home security system:

1. Decide which area(s) of your property you want to have a camera for

This will help determine what sort of system is best for you.  Do you want to monitor your front door, your driveway, your garden, your cars or all of these?  If it’s your front door then you will need a Smart Video Doorbell.  For all other areas of your property you will need Smart Security Cameras or a full CCTV system.  

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2. Choose which type of security system to go for

There are four main types of home security options:

i)    Wireless powered WiFi Smart Camera
ii)   Wired powered WiFi Smart Camera
iii)  Wired powered WiFi CCTV Camera
iv)  Wired powered Wired CCTV Camera  

If you choose Wireless powered cameras you have more flexibility on where you want to locate them and they are cheaper to install however you will need to recharge/replace the batteries every so often.  Wired powered cameras will need to have an existing power socket or you will need to get a qualified electrician to run a wire to the location of your camera.  

Swann, a leading manufacturer of CCTV systems, has a great comparison chart on the link below to help explain the differences:


3. Ensure your WiFi Broadband speed and coverage is good enough

If you choose a solution which has one or more of the WiFi Smart or CCTV Cameras then you will need to ensure that your Home WiFi Broadband speed is fast enough and that coverage is good enough outside of your house.  

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4. Beware of subscription fees

Not all manufacturers let you watch your cameras’ recordings for free meaning that you have to sign up to a subscription package which can cost up to an additional £240 per year.  Brands such as Netatmo, Arlo and Swann allow you to view a week’s worth of recordings without paying for a subscription.  

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5. Add Smart Home Alarms and Door Locks to your Smart Home Security system

Complement your new Camera system with either Smart Home Alarm and/or Door Locks that will all work together as a Security System that is fully controllable from your Smartphone App.  

Yale has a Smart Living system that can control your Alarm, Smart Door Locks, CCTV system and Smart Cameras all controlled by the Yale Home App, click on the link below for details:

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